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Closing Ceremony
IMG_3738Closing ceremony of the 11th International Istanbul Chess Festival has taken place with the participation of Turkish Chess Federation Deputy President Tahsin Aktar, members of board and many players. In his speech Tahsin Aktar said that this year’s tournament occured in a very fascinating atmosphere and all the participiants enjoyed it very much. He invited all the players for the next year and conveyed thanks in the name of the Turkish Chess Federation and Fide Vice President TCF President Ali Nihat Yazıcı. Service plaque has given to the chief arbiter Yasar Gungor. Closing ceremony ended after distributing awards to the winners.  
FM Dogan Heval Reyhan Wins The Tournament !!!
IMG_3563In the nineth round of the 11th International Istanbul Chess Festival, players showed great fighting spirit. After both sides agreed a quick draw in the match between GM Levon Babujian – GM Gevorg Harutjunyan, all the focus turned to the second table match between FM Dogan Heval Reyhan – GM Zurab Javakhadze. Gaining a pawn in the middlegame, FM Dogan Heval Reyhan increasingly sustained his advantage and turned it into a win in the endgame and became the champion of the 11th International Istanbul Chess Festival. We congratulate our player who has also gained the international master title. GM Levon Babujian and IM Davit Maghalashvili became second and third respectively.  In the Category B, Alexandre Ebralidze won the first place.
8th Round: FM Dogan Heval Reyhan and GM Levon Babujian are Leading!!!
IMG_3244There are two names in the leadership before last round starts; GM Levon Babujian and FM Dogan Heval Reyhan. Victories of Reyhan against his strong opponents is collecting a lot of attention. Everybody is very excited for the last round. If we look at the standings we see that GM Levon Babujian is leading with 3 BH points. This means that if he win tomorrow’s match he has a really strong chances to be the champion. We wish good luck to all players for the last round which will start tomorrow at 11.00.
Interesting Moments of Seventh Round
7th Round: GM Levon Babujian Moves On!!!
phoca_thumb_l_img_3077Seventh round of the 11th International Istanbul Chess Festival has been completed. GM Levon Babujian won against his opponent GM Alexei Barsov in a nice ending. So he defended his place in the lead. In the second table newly international master FM Dogan Heval Reyhan beat his Geoegian opponent Azaladze with a nice king hunt. He is half point behind the leader. Approaching the last rounds of the tournament, it looks like that the race to the top will get even more complicated. Tomorrow's matches are very important. 8th round will start tomorrow at 16.30.
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